SchwebungenFor recorder quartet or saxophone quartet

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Schwebungen is a work about flying, hovering and pulls out all the tonal stops – in versions for recorder and saxophone quartet. Desireful, breathy, dragging with cranes, roaming in wild dances, cooing, courtship, flapping wings, plunging down in virtuoso cascades. Chordal cloud clusters, like cotton wool pressing, above them condensation trails of free melodic lines. But also sections of strict polyphony; horizontal and vertical forces form a double passacaglia, a soul journey, a dream, or flee each other in a double gap of springlike winds and thus tell – more poetically inspired than programmatically conceived – a story of flying, travelling, losing and finding each other.

Schwebungen is available in versions for recorder or saxophone quartet, which differ greatly from each other. Recorders and saxophones have a similar ambitus, but the version for recorder quartet requires several changes of instrument per musician, whereas in the saxophone quartet each musician only plays one instrument.


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