Markus Schönewolf is a freelance composer.

Outstanding soloists such as Andreas Mildner (WDR) or Alja Velkaverh-Roskams (Gürzenich Orchestra), numerous chamber music ensembles and orchestras interpret Schönewolf’s music.

Schönewolf is a guest at numerous music festivals, and he works on major commissioned compositions from Germany and abroad. His music has been used to present new developments in instruments to the general public, to open music festivals and to inaugurate cultural sites. Speakers such as the great intellectual Manfred Osten have refined performances of Schoenewolf’s works with extensive reviews of his works.

His compositional style is characterized by great lightness and virtuoso joy of playing as well as spiritual and emotional depth. The press speaks of an “almost magical experience” (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) and of the poetic quality of the music, as if it had been “written for fictitious landscapes”.

His works include solo pieces (violin, flute, organ, etc.), chamber and orchestral music as well as concerts. His “Songs in Pictures” for soprano and harp are characterized as “the probably most important cycle of harp songs”. Several CD productions are in preparation. A work for voice and orchestra is currently being produced.

Markus Schönewolf studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (composition, piano, music theory, aural training, etc.) and has been teaching at various universities.

“Schönewolf’s music is gripping, full of transfigurations in the interplay of sounding, redeeming, floating poetic-musical visions, a mystery of form-forming forces. One hears, one experiences the pure, this dimension of beauty that always enchants us.”