Markus Schönewolf, composer

Markus Schönewolf is a sought-after composer.

His works are interpreted in Germany and abroad by outstanding soloists and ensembles. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger describes the effect of Schönewolf’s music as “an almost magical experience”.

Linear forces, rhythmic conciseness and a special interest in polyphony and chorale combine to form a “highly personal and powerful tonal language of great suggestive impact”. The works often follow a ‘poetic idea’, inspired by themes of art, philosophy, religion and nature.

Schönewolf also holds degrees in composition, piano, composition, composition, music composition, school music and listening education from the Cologne University of Music and Performing Arts and works as a university lecturer.


A piece full of lyrical, spherical and spiritual sounds.

An almost magical experience.

An enormously emotional and spiritual complexity of the performance.

With their musical art cycle ‘Songs in Images’ [Heel and Schönewolf] make the impossible possible .

The highly attentive and finely articulating choir enchanted the hearts of the listeners.

In the end, beauty remains.

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