Suite for flute solo

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The Suite for flute solo is a collection of dances with an extensive opening movement in front.

Hevel havalim represents a kind of extensive overture. A slow introduction is juxtaposed with a fast section. As a result, the sentence is constantly recomposed from the motifs cut into individual parts. Numerous tempo changes and breaks are characteristic for the movement. A two-part fugue, the theme of which is taken from the previous motifs, is stored centrally.

The Paso doble is a progressive Spanish dance in which the dancers represent Matador and the red cloth used in bullfighting. The dance is characterized by regular stomping, which makes the flute clear by stomping repetitions of the tone with appropriate dynamics and articulation. Waving triplet figures in the height symbolize the fluttering cloth. A lyrical is followed by a section with nervous double strokes and trills. This is reminiscent of castanet tremoli.

A short introduction is followed by an extensive funeral march with chorale.

The fourth sentence is based on a Bach recitative.

The “nymph dance and song for the night” uses motifs of the “nymph song” from songs in pictures.

The Gigue is a fast, cheerful and virtuosic finale.


Der Nymphe Tanz für Flöte solo
Gigue für Flöte solo